Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Etiology: Cause & Effect

...so, Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amydala were getting married. There were tons of people there for the wedding. My friend Carolyn C. and I were trying to get home. We had to go west, and I knew of a road that cut off from Fort Union Parkway going west, so we took that. All the roads suddenly became rivers. Carolyn and some of the others began wading across. The riverbanks were tangled with fallen trees, branches, etc. There was a Spanish Revolution going on (this from my friend Paris Parfait's post, Goya's El Tres de Mayo de 1808) and there were body parts here and there. In one of the fallen trees was the body of a headless soldier whose bare brown foot was still twitching. (This from recent photos displayed on the net of the Israeli-Lebanon war?) Anyway, I decided not to cross--the water was waist deep--so I found a way around, a bridge, not far away.

Then we were imprisoned in a small cell with high rock walls. Someone there before us had taped many comics pages from newspapers to the walls. I thought this was to give him lasting reading material, and might come in handy for us as well....

Cut away back to Anakin and Padme, who had just given birth to twins, who were all wrapped up. The people wanted to see the babies (this from newbaby Rhys' arrival?)
and clamored for her to upwrap them, which she was reluctant to do. She finally did, after much demand from the people. The twins were coal black and bald, and grinning, like a little ceramic black doll I bought at Catalina Island when I was a child.

(I wonder what ever happened to that little doll?)


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A lovely little girl found it and treasures it to this day

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