Saturday, June 17, 2006

What, Dead My Love?

Ah, gosh! I had another of my theater dreams last night--I didn't know what the play was, couldn't remember my lines etc etc etc. The others in the play were really pissed off. Finally one of the guys got me a script, which I cleverly hid so the audience wouldn't know, but when I opened it, it was a sort of comic book, with 'Peanuts' cartoons inside. One of the props, which I was supposed to provide, was a really ugly salad, with wilted greens and bloated, rotten fruits. I told the cast to cover up for me by saying my character was dead. I decided I would just lie down on the floor backstage where no one would bother me, but in one scene, the audience was invited to come up to the stage and look over the top of the sets, and there I was, in full view! So I resurrected, so to speak, and popped in again, to the other actors great dismay.

What a trying night! I was glad to wake up.


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