Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Peter O'Toole

Peter O'Toole was there. It was at a large school, a college I think. There had been a murder. I don't know if I, or someone else did it. The severed head (it was a woman's) was all that was left. It was hidden in a brown paper bag, but one spot of blood was left in the closet, a sort of wardrobe. I dropped a piece of toilet paper on the spot to soak it up, and I put the head, still in its paper bag, on a shelf in the closet.

There was something about a locker, and two women were talking together about how long they had waited for this chance. I don't remember how they were involved, but both of them were extremely excited and nervous, as they had waited a long, long time for the hour to be right. I watched them take a gold key to the locker and begin to open it up.

Cut to a closeup of the severed head. It had fallen off of the shelf onto the closet floor, and had rolled out of the bag. I tried to give it mouth-to-mouth resusitation. The breath was hissing in and out of her windpipe, but soon her eyelids fluttered open and she began to try to speak. Horrified, I stuffed the head back into the bag and put it back up on the shelf, but the bag kept tipping over. So I put the whole thing, bag and all, down the garbage disposal in the kitchen sink. I didn't turn it on, the whole thing was too big, too gross for that! Blood would splatter everywhere.

I went back to the closet and removed my shoes. The spot of blood was still there, soaked through the toilet paper. I saw a pair of furry white slippers, and I knew that I had worn them when the murder was committed. I was glad no blood had spattered on them, because it would never have washed out. Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Christopher had come to wash his hair--in the sink where I had hidden the head. Again, I was horrified, seeing the sink fill up with water, but then I noticed the plug was in the drain, and I hoped that it was not clogged by the head, but would still drain...when the plug was pulled....


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