Monday, May 15, 2006

Political Dreams

From Somewhere On The Road:

I dreamed last night I was in a concentration camp. We all had guns and were running along close to the walls. There was a door, and we all rushed in, and then just waited quietly for them to come in and get us. Then I was burying something, and an old, old man came by. He said, "How old are you, thirteen or fourteen?" I was insulted, so I did a little tap dance and said, "I'm twenty-one, and I'd vote in the next election, only I'm not registered."

And Another:

I dreamed I toured Russia. The Communists got me, and for some reason they were going to kill me! I made a heart-rending plea to this guard guy (something about how it would be never to see, or hear, or think again). He said he understood, but that he was just doing his job. Anyway, I finally managed to make an escape. Grandma was driving the get-away car. She kept wanting to stop and sight-see and visit, and I just wanted to hurry and get out before they caught up with me.

The other night after watching TV I had a wild but very interesting and coherent dream about "Gunsmoke." I played Matt Dillon! (Not political, but, what the heck.)


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