Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Girls Day Out

Grace and I were going to a writer's conference in Provo. When we arrived, we both discovered we were still in our nightgowns and robes, hair uncombed, etc., so we came back home, where I proceeded to wash my hair, and somehow managed to remove my eyebrows. It looked pretty strange, and I couldn't go like THAT, so I drew some on with an eyebrow pencil, big surprised-looking arches, and I coldn't get them even--one was higher than the other--so I put on some big black rubber eyebrows and a big black rubber beard. Neither of these went well with my dress, so I changed into a black sort of clown-suit with a big collar. I also wore my tan straw gardening hat with the flower in the front. (While I was changing we listened to the radio, and the writer's conference seemed to be broadcast--Grace thought we should just stay home and listen to it on the radio, but then, Bob Hope was there, and I knew it couldn't be OUR conference....) so we carried on. My beard and eyebrows kept falling off. Grace discovered a sort of strap on the beard that went around the chin and head to hold it on, but I decided to scrap the eyebrows and go with the drawn-on ones. I was beginning to worry about the time, figuring it would all be over if we didn't hurry. When we arrived again, all the Big Wheels from the Writers'League were there, and they oooed and ahhed a while over my cute outfit (once they recognized me). Then it was lunchtime, and we didn't have tickets, so Grace and I decided just to go to McDonald's for hamburgers and fries. Then I woke up. What a shame! Just when it was gettin'good, too!


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