Monday, August 07, 2006

Swimmers and Scimitars

I dreamed of two Arab boys (I think I was one of them, as well as an observer) who were running from someone who was trying to catch them. They (we) hid in an old warehouse with a transparent roof (so that the observer who was me could see inside). In the warehouse there were several other Arabs, all with a scimitars. Realizing that they were greatly outnumbered, they all ran around as fast as they could poking their scimitars through cracks in the walls (make something of THAT, you Freudians!)to fool the chasers into thinking there were many, great numbers, of them. The we boys then snuck out through a back door, and crawled on our hands and knees (so they wouldn't be seen) through tall dry yellow grass (one of us was looking for his lost brother).

Then I woke up and went to the bathroom. When I came back and slept again, I was swimming in a large pool. A few other swimmers were there, but no one bothered me or got in my way. I was an excellent swimmer, and the water was smooth and comfortable as silk. I could swim very fast, and turn in long spirals under the water with ease. It was almost as good as FLYING!


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