Sunday, August 13, 2006

The White LIight of Inspiration

We (Dad and I) were traveling someplace, on a sort of wilderness mountain road, and needed to make a bathroom stop. Some old man informed us that the number of available bathrooms was indicated by these cement markers every so often by the side of the road. The one we had stopped at had two markers, but there were lots of people in line ahead of us. These were outhouses, and quite a ways from this main building. While we waited, I looked around. They sold books in this place. THere was a beautiful set of nicely bound, simplified books of philosophy, where the work of many great people was distilled into short, easy quotes. I decided I would do a series like these, of church books, with some of the great philosophers thrown in among the prophets. While we waited, I told Dad of this, and he agreed it was a great idea! But we kept losing our place in line. People who had been far in back of us were now going ahead of us (2 of these were Jacob and Sarah, urchins who live in Marc and Graces apartments, friends of Chime and Cake), and I was really anxious for my turn, as this outhouse was SPECIAL: it was white, illuminated by a marvelous white light of inspiration....

...and I woke up before I got my turn, needing to use the bathroom. At least we have indoor plumbing. And the only inspiration I had there was to write this post.


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