Sunday, September 03, 2006

Two By Two

There we were, two of us (I don't know who the other was), being kept prisoners in a large and beautiful house by a really evil guy. There was no food anywhere and we were starving to the point of trying to eat sticks. We were very afraid, and wild to get away. When we finally managed to escape, we discovered our captor had been really busy with his digging machines, steamshovels, earth-movers, and had dug up mountains of earth, acres of mountains and holes. Running, we were thinking that if we separated and each went a diferent direction, at least one of us would get away alive. We knew there was a grave waiting for us in one of those valleys. Then we saw where he had half-buried two yellow volkswagons, their round yellow rooftops like eggs sticking out of the dirt. For some reason, this had great significance, like maybe he was going to put each of us in one and cover us up. And, knowing he'd be coming back soon to check on us, we ran even faster.

Eventually we came to a place where there was a long, long parade of animals dancing two by two, goats and wolves and lions, etc., and finally at the end of the line, long-legged egrets, and storks, and flamingos, all dancing this strange, long-legged dance. There were some people dancing at the end of the parade, making this wierd music with bells and finger-cymbals, spinning in slow circles and hopping on one foot. We decided there was safety in numbers, so we joined them in this bizarre parade, knowing we were heading towards some eventual ark.